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Your replacement plant babysitter

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Precision irrigation, nutrition & protection

Grow strong, healthy replacement plants that yield seasons earlier with our innovative solution that manages irrigation and nutrition on a plant-by-plant basis for optimal establishment and early growth

Rapid establishment & accelerated growth. Unlock the full potential of your replacement trees and vines with H2Ortigator, providing optimum soil moisture and nutrients for vigorous growth and reduced mortality rates.

Seamlessly integrates with your irrigation system, H2Ortigator is controlled by your existing micro sprinkler or drip irrigation system.

The ultimate protection for young plants. We safeguard them from pests, sprays, and accidental machinery damage while enhancing visibility for machinery operators.

Unbeatable precision & efficiency With H2Ortigator, you can deliver water precisely where it's needed, reducing waste and maximising plant health.

The solution to weed competition.. Our unit suppresses weed growth, allowing your plants to establish without fighting for resources.

Works long after your irrigation has finished With H2Ortigator, your young trees receive extended irrigation even after your irrigation system has finished, ensuring that they have access to the moisture they need to thrive

Provides essential shade & protection to your trees' rootzone, promoting optimal growth, minimising evaporation and stress.

Focus on critical tasks.. H2Ortigator removes the need for manual irrigation & weeding, freeing up staff time and increasing efficiency.



Irrigation New Zealand 2022 Innovation in Irrigation Award

"Achieving short-term productive advantages combined with efficiency and long-term sustainability all in one product is rarely achieved in the irrigation industry"

We're disrupting traditional practices in the horticultural industry by offering a fresh perspective on managing replacement trees and vines...

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WHY H2Ortigator?

A unique approach, to irrigating and protecting replacement plants

Manage replacement trees & vines on a single plant level to optimise irrigation and nutrition during establishment and early growth

Designed with industry for industry

H2Ortigator seamlessly integrates into the orchard and vineyard environment 


Sliced Kiwi

Stone & Summer fruit


About Us

H2Ortigator®️ is designed and manufactured in New Zealand.

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