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Manage replacement trees and vines on an individual plant basis to optimise irrigation and nutrition during early growth and establishment.


Durable and cost effective

With a ten-year lifespan, H2Ortigator is a durable and cost-effective solution for your replacement plant management needs.

Ideal soil mosture and nutrition

Ideal soil moisture and nutrition is key to successful plant development in the early stages.


First two seasons

H2Ortigator is tailored for the first two seasons of a plant's life, which are vital for establishing roots and promoting early growth. Once this stage is completed, the unit can be detached and repurposed for use with another plant.

Deficit irrigation

Ideal irrigation for replacement trees can be maintained even as mature trees are deficit irrigated for optimal fruit quality, thanks to the quick filling time of our system.



You can tailor your crop's nutrient delivery to specific growth stages or crop varieties by using tailored biological and fertiliser capsules.

 Alternately H2Ortigator is designed to work seamlessly with inline fertigation, allowing for efficient and simultaneous nutrient delivery to both mature trees and replacement trees.

Connects into the existing irrigation system

Fills in under 3 minutes

Slides around the tree

Emitter self cleaning function

Continues to run for up to 3 days after irrigation has finished

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